Professional management systems and policies

GEE Policies & Management Systems

GEE has in place dynamic best practice Management Systems and Policies that ensure we are ready to go with any new requirement from any of our clients.  The Policies and Management Systems are designed to ensure that GEE will meet all client requirements in a highly professional, expert way to ensure achievement or surpassing of client objectives, greatest cost effectiveness, total legal compliance, and excellent communications.


GEE Policies and Management Systems ensure outcomes that meet all the objectives of clients, while paying attention to ensure that governments, local communities and society are impacted favorably and are satisfied with the procedures and outcomes. The company is committed and strives towards highest possible standard of service to meet the quality required, to satisfy our interested party’s requirements and to continuously improve our standards towards effective quality management system. 


The Policies & Management Systems include:

  • Social Responsibility Policy and Management System.
  • Quality Management System ISO9001.
  • Environment Management Policy and Environment Management System ISO14001.
  • Occupational Health and Management System ISO18001, including more than 30 HSE
  • procedures for preventing workplace accidents, incidents and health hazards.
  • Information Security and Data Management System.
  • Supply Chain Management System.
  • Substance Abuse Management System.
  • Substance Abuse Management System.
  • Privacy Policy

Copies of the Privacy policy are presented on this web-site under LOCATIONS

Copies of the GEE Credit Information Policy are presented on this web-site under LOCATIONS

GEE Business Readiness

GEE Policies & Management System

GEE Mission

GEE Vision





  • To be acknowledged internationally as a key player for growth, sustainability and quality.
  • To be recognized as the world leading centre of talent & expertise for major projects. 
  • To be recognized as a leader in quality of service of experience of personnel.
  • Work with others, big & small, we help them & they help us. 
  • Develop our employees. Provide training, especially on the job training, to allow personnel to reach high levels of achievement. 
  • At all times ensure Safety, Quality, and Sustainability. 
  • Look to the wider community, always consider their economic benefit. 
  • To ensure high profitability as a driver for further growth of the company.
  • To grow quickly.


  • To serve Clients to ensure all objectives are achieved.
  • To serve our Employees by providing challenging and rewarding career growth opportunities.
  • To satisfy the objectives and requirements of governments and other stakeholders. 
  • To serve the community by ensuring quality and sustainability in our company operations.


  • Our People
  • Their Safety
  • Value recognition and Quality delivery
  • Ethic, Compliance and Dependability
  • Sustainable Development

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